TV Static

Let’s be real here – we do not and never have made any money from our YouTube channel (nor did we ever expect to). CD Baby have always handled our YouTube monetization, such that it is (and we are literally talking pennies here).

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Braver than Fiction #ToolmakersLive Stream - Photo' Credit: Martin Tune

On 11 May 2017, Toolmakers Recording Studio in Sheffield debuted their #ToolmakersLive Stream set-up featuring, Braver than Fiction. #ToolmakersLive Stream Sessions are high quality live video sessions with pristine audio filmed in Nathan Bailey’s amazing, custom-built recording studios in the industrial heart of Sheffield, UK.

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HALLOWE’EN 16 #halloween16

Cover Art from The Fool EP by Braver than Fiction

Three years ago today, Braver than Fiction first took to the stage as a brand new band (that makes this kind of our birthday). A lot has happened during those thirty-six months and it is with some degree of pride (if not amazement) that we find ourselves still together and continuing to make music – despite some pretty scary stuff happening in between.

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[IMAGE] "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" Sheet Music

Boxing Day has arrived and we hope you have all had an incredible Christmas so far and if celebrating Christmas is not your thing, we still hope you’re doing fine! To those who do, now that the magic of the big day has lost its glitter and the fridge is full of left-over turkey and brussels sprouts, you could throw on some tunes and relive the wonder and anticipation of Christmas with joyful renditions of festive classics – unless you are these guys:

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[Photograph] Raven by revwarheart / Morguefile

…without even a hint of suspicious activity; no media circus nor speculation of scandal, not a sniff of a drug overdose or any other kind of sensationalist nonsense. These super-talented artists were ill or it was simply ‘their time’ and they are all most certainly amongst our influences so, we’ve listed them here, not to be ghoulish but, to celebrate them. Continue reading

YOUR LITTLE FANTASY #yourlittlefantasy

[GRAPHIC] Your Little Fantasy poster

Click on the image to download this poster, which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

“Your Little Fantasy” is Braver than Fiction‘s début, demo single and has enjoyed a wealth of positive attention since it was launched at the close of 2013, including being chosen by Tom Robinson as one of his ‘top tunes’ in BBC Radio 6 Music’s Fresh On The Net’s EXTRA GEMS 14 DEC 2013.

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