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Remember your first gig? Your last gig? Your best gig?

Whether you are a musician or music fan, performance spaces need our solidarity right now more than ever before. The challenges that coronavirus (COVID-19) presents for these precious institutions is incontrovertible and so, we’re inviting you to show some love for your favourite live music venue by joining us in sharing your positive gig experiences on social media, using the hashtag #HugAVenueDay.

Music venues are a vital part of local economies right across the UK. They bring huge financial and cultural benefits and are the beating heart of many communities

Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, UK Music CEO

Braver than Fiction hope that the ‘Hug a Venue Day’ initiative will further help to highlight the value of music venues worldwide, now and in the future, long after COVID-19 has been eradicated and the entire planet has healed itself from this devastating, infectious disease.

Obviously, none of us can physically hug a venue (hold that thought though), most of us can’t even hug each other at the moment but we can send the music industry our virtual support and give our most-loved music spots a massive shoutout.

The first observation of Hug a Venue Day takes place on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 and Braver than Fiction intend to recognise the event every October 20 thereafter.

The original idea for Hug a Venue Day was envisioned by Braver than Fiction guitarist, Martin Tune.

The Hug a Venue Day logo was designed by friend of Braver than Fiction and wonderful tattoo artist, Manda Ashby | HUNNYPIEDEAD TATTOO.

Show some love for your favourite place for live music; follow @HugAVenueDay and share your positive gig experiences on social media using the hashtag #HugAVenueDay.

We have provided the images below to help you share our message across social media. Remember that when you’re referring to Hug a Venue Day please observe the following conventions:

  • Hug a Venue Day (lower case ‘a’ when titling)
  • #HugAVenueDay / @HugAVenueDay (upper case ‘A’ when hashtagging and at-ing)
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