HALLOWE’EN 15 #halloween15

[Photograph] Creepy hand courtesy of gratisography.com

Has it really been two years since this all started? Another Hallowe’en is upon us and it marks our second anniversary as a live band except that (and you may have picked up on this) we have not actually been performing for quite a few months. We had our reasons but this is all about to change now as we approach our third year of gigging with more than a little Hoodoo and charm.

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[Photograph] Raven by revwarheart / Morguefile

…without even a hint of suspicious activity; no media circus nor speculation of scandal, not a sniff of a drug overdose or any other kind of sensationalist nonsense. These super-talented artists were ill or it was simply ‘their time’ and they are all most certainly amongst our influences so, we’ve listed them here, not to be ghoulish but, to celebrate them. Continue reading