TV Static

Let’s be real here – we do not and never have made any money from our YouTube channel (nor did we ever expect to). CD Baby have always handled our YouTube monetization, such that it is (and we are literally talking pennies here).

Making money from uploading the handful of videos we have on our YouTube channel was never our prime directive. We upload videos as and when; we don’t have a schedule or an agenda (or a swimming pool).

When we received that email from the YouTube Partner Program today, we knew it would make no difference to us at all.

Before, YouTube users only needed 10,000 total views on their channel to get into that programme. Now, Google has announced that users will have to have 1,000 subscribers and have got 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.

YouTube’s new threshold means a creator making a weekly ten-minute video would need 1,000 subscribers and an average of 462 views per video to start receiving ad revenue.

Andrew Griffin, The Independent

We’re not going to be launching an action campaign, there are already plenty of those but, we will continue to support small YouTubers by subscribing to their YouTube channels.

At the time of writing, we have 132 subscribers so we’d like to say “thank you” 132 times and let you know that we have subscribed to all 132 of your YouTube channels (and many more besides).

If you want to check out our YouTube channel then be our guest: We’re not expecting to see any significant changes; the most views any of our videos has ever had (up to this point) is 13,794 which although not too shabby was a bit of a quirky one-off, by our standards.

We’re not going to be buying that swimming pool any time soon, are we?

Better stick to just making the music then – yeah?

Thought so…

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