Braver than Fiction #ToolmakersLive Stream - Photo' Credit: Martin Tune

On 11 May 2017, Toolmakers Recording Studio in Sheffield debuted their #ToolmakersLive Stream set-up featuring, Braver than Fiction. #ToolmakersLive Stream Sessions are high quality live video sessions with pristine audio filmed in Nathan Bailey’s amazing, custom-built recording studios in the industrial heart of Sheffield, UK.

Connecting with your band’s followers via social media is both a dream come true and a living nightmare; it’s great getting your mate to film your gig on their ‘phone but, the resulting audiovisual quality is always hugely diminished. Nathan Bailey over at Toolmakers Recording Studio recognised this, and devised a solution which is now being offered at Toolmakers Recording Studio – live streaming with multiple HD cameras and mixed audio so the resulting quality is on a par with being in the studio and/or at a gig, with the band.

Live video sessions are the perfect for musicians to reach out to fans, secure the best gigs, festival bookings and release promotion. Nathan Bailey, Toolmakers Recording Studio

Treating the recording as if it were a gig, we deployed a full band set-up in the suitably atmospheric Toolmakers Recording Studio live room and Nathan soundchecked our individual instruments before mixing the audio to get a studio-ready live sound. Nathan has often been our sound engineer when we have played at West Street Live in Sheffield so he is as familiar with our live sound as he is with our studio sound, since his recording studio is also where we recorded our EP entitled The Fool last October.

Our performance for the #ToolmakersLive Stream was filmed with a three camera set up (two Canon EOS 600D DSLRs and a GoPro HERO 3+). The sound was recorded into Focusrite’s Liquid Saffire 56 interface, linked with two sets of Focusrite OctoPre MkII preamps and Hairball Audio‘s Copper Neve style preamps.

Nathan's Recording Gear (from top to bottom): Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 (2 space), 2 Focusrite OctoPres, 2 Hairball Audio's Copper Neve Style Preamps

Nice Rack, Nathan #StudioPorn

Nathan then edited the incoming live footage together and streamed the mixed audio and video directly to FacebookLive without so much as breaking a sweat – seriously this guy is like some kind of studio shaman; check it out:

We had a great time recording this; it was an interesting project to work on and we were stoked to have been asked to premiere the #ToolmakersLive Streaming Sessions. The response was amazing and we got all kinds of feedback; mostly about how hot the drummer was (from his wife)  – well, it is all about the #drumcam – and including a mention from Jamie N Commons, which rendered Mel incoherent for a short time.

Braver than Fiction #ToolmakersLive Stream:
Filmed, mixed and streamed by Nathan Bailey – Audio Engineer and Videographer at Toolmakers Recording Studio, a premium digital and analogue recording studio based in a former Sheffield tool factory.


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    Proud to have taken part in a bit of a coup, with Braver than Fiction and Nathan Bailey from Toolmakers Recording Studios in Sheffield. Nip over and have an actual listen to more of my words, as they go in and out of your ears via the medium of audiovisual entertainment!


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