HALLOWE’EN 16 #halloween16

Cover Art from The Fool EP by Braver than Fiction

Three years ago today, Braver than Fiction first took to the stage as a brand new band (that makes this kind of our birthday). A lot has happened during those thirty-six months and it is with some degree of pride (if not amazement) that we find ourselves still together and continuing to make music – despite some pretty scary stuff happening in between.

Most recently we launched a new EP entitled The Fool. We knew it was a long time coming and there were moments when some (or all) of us wondered if it would ever happen. Thankfully, we are all exceptionally stubborn in the face of adversity and on 28th October 2016 that pig-headedness paid off when The Fool was unleashed on the general public.

We recorded the EP at Toolmakers Recording Studio in Sheffield. Nathan, the owner, usually sound engineers for us when we play at West Street Live so, not only did he know us but he had a good idea of our live sound as well. This made him the perfect choice for us (well, that and his phenomenal reputation – of course); he recorded, mixed and mastered The Fool for us with the minimum of fuss and a great deal of attention to detail.

Toolmakers Recording Studio is an incredible space, boasting an enormous live room with a high, beamed ceiling and stunning wooden flooring. There’s a real sense of atmosphere and drama as soon as you arrive and that lends itself well to our brand of dark music. The studio itself is only just over twelve months old; Nathan is a musician himself (as well as a live sound engineer) so it goes without saying that he is extremely good at his job. As he is a man of many talents it will come as no surprise that his skills also extend to vlogging; here is an example and you can hear one of the tracks from The Fool on it, too!


We enthusiastically recommend Toolmakers Recording Studio and, if you decide to work with them, tell Nathan we sent you by quoting this code: braver106

Over this last weekend, the band have been engaged in a kind of ‘open house‘ event – in lieu of an actual live launch gig. Let it be known that things may have got out of hand.


The Fool is a new EP by Braver than Fiction launched on 28th October 2016; you can download it from Bandcamp.

There is a physical CD as well but they are selling fast so, best get along to one of our gigs to buy one from the band before they all disappear!

See you down the front!

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