Braver than Fiction at West Street Live by Ben Ponsford

Here we are then – presenting (possibly) the most un-Valentine’s Day blog post you could possibly imagine. No hearts, no cherubic Cupids, no sappy sentiments, no apologies; we are to Valentine’s Day what Scrooge is to Christmas.

Braver than Fiction’s first gig back after that forced hiatus went extremely well, by all accounts. Nobody fell over and nothing got broken, which is always a result. We were at West Street Live in our home town of Sheffield, where £125 was raised via our #braverthancancer intitiative for Macmillan Cancer Support from the evening’s festivities and, not only did the audience dig deep but so did every, single one of the acts on the bill as well – legends!

Our host for the evening, the ever-ebullient Mat Hume (Co-Founder and Badass of Fourth City) did a grand job in extorting encouraging donations and as if that was not enough, he further coined a phrase that he thinks sums up our music: 

Dark, loungey swagger – Mat Hume, Fourth City

We are inclined to agree and thus, we are picking up that ball and running with it! Well, swaggering with it, actually.

Mat is a well-respected and much-admired force to be reckoned with on the Sheffield music scene and we value his support immensely. He does a great deal for up-and-coming bands as well as established acts, as you can see from this ‘Short Doc’:

So, now that we have been welcomed back into the scene via a very enjoyable evening of entertainment featuring Chanel Yates, Danny Beattie and Lost Trends, photographed by the brilliant Ben Ponsford and buoyed along by a host of other supporters, movers and shakers (you know who you are) we are expecting that you might be wondering what happens next with Braver than Fiction!

Obviously, we are about to tell you!

We have some catching up to do, for sure. There is the small matter of a recording session that we had to postpone; that is something that will definitely be happening in 2016. A new single will be entering a pipeline near here soon but we are keeping things just as vague as that for the moment.

We have a bunch of gigs lined up, some in Sheffield but others out of town including the WensleyAle Festival 2016 which is a food and real ale festival, to be at Redmire railway station; catching a train to a festival is certainly going to be unusual.

This month will see us back in Manchester for the first time in ages which we are looking forward to with shiny, fresh-scrubbed faces and an air of excited anticipation since we love bit of a Manchester knees-up!

Because you asked (incessantly) and because we like to give you what you want, we will be using Periscope at as many of our future gigs as we can:

Therefore, if you want to get a bit of live streaming gig action, make sure you are following the band Twitter (@braverthan) as well as the band members’ Twitter accounts too!

Next up for us is The Green Room, Sheffield on Wednesday 17th February so come on down to Devonshire Street to dance the night away with us and if you cannot then make sure you track us on Songkick to find out when the next, live Braver than Fiction show is happening near you!

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