[Screenshot] Partial Twitter DM courtesy of Mel Lampro AKA @DwarfMaiden

Introducing a ‘Guest Blogger’ here as this story is so great that we had to let her tell it herself; take it away, Tabitha Elliott Bauman – our blog is your blog for today!

I was having a bit of a day, so Mel (Braver than Fiction’s vocalist) sent me a video of “emergency music kittens.” I sent the link off to my 16 year old daughter, Zoë, (unfortunately she was at school at the time) and her beau extraordinaire, Evan, because they both love cats way too much.

Zoë forgot to turn her ringer off when she went to class and so attracted the attention of a teacher in a cranky mood. He demanded retribution for disturbing his class by insisting she share the message over the large ‘smart board’ they use instead of chalkboards now. He didn’t know what the message was or who had sent it; the intent was to invade her privacy and ideally embarrass her half to death.

Much good may that do him

Long story short, Sophomore Honors Biology thanks you, Mel (and Braver than Fiction), for the break, the cosmic kittens, and for a teacher in a better mood.

[Photograph] Zoë (sideways) & her sister, Charlie courtesy of Tabitha Bauman

Zoë (sideways) & her sister, Charlie

Zoë said his actual response was something along the lines of “WTF?!” Especially after seeing the text came from someone named ‘Mama.’ Since class time was shot to Hell after they watched the video, he asked where I’d found the video and Zoë gave him a quick rundown on my awesome and eccentric friend, including the love of disturbing videos and the killer voice.

They ended up playing “Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Live)” in class and Braver than Fiction now has some new fans.

❤️❤️ from all of us for a cheery afternoon

Thank you for the music that daily saves my sanity and motivates my own writing as well as the goofy giggles in between – you’ve displaced Harry Potter et al. as my favorites peeps across the pond. High praise considering I turned down a Transfiguration teaching post during the Dumbledore era. Just, you know…the weather.


Tabitha Elliott Bauman writes metaphysical fiction for teens. She and her family live in Denver, although Tabitha is “Southern at a quantum level despite being expatriated.” Her family are academic, sporty and creative; they are also all reiki practitioners and Tabitha muses that they are “likely the only family in America that discusses angels and string theory at dinner.”


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