HALLOWE’EN 15 #halloween15

[Photograph] Creepy hand courtesy of gratisography.com

Has it really been two years since this all started? Another Hallowe’en is upon us and it marks our second anniversary as a live band except that (and you may have picked up on this) we have not actually been performing for quite a few months. We had our reasons but this is all about to change now as we approach our third year of gigging with more than a little Hoodoo and charm.

A great deal has happened at Fiction Towers since our last anniversary! We have seen illness, marriage, bereavement, celebration, farewells, accidents and the occasional handbags-at-dawn standoffs. Sometimes, being in a band can feel like existing in some kind of soap opera but unlike most serial dramas, throughout this last twelve months there have been more smiles than there have been frowns and very few punch-ups (alright – no punch-ups at all really); we are thankful for that.

We have drunk an awful lot of tea (and coffee) though…

Since we were turned upside down at the beginning of 2015 we have been striving to get as much done as we can to prepare for whatever else the future has in store for us. Rehearsals never stopped, they were just handled differently for a while but now we have a new set ready to roll out and our break from live shows is nearing the end. Although initially postponed, we are also expecting to get into the studio again within the next few weeks. The delay is not what any of us wanted but, we can assure you that our new material is well worth the wait! You may have read a few references to #pennies across our social media and yes, that is a clue for one of our latest projects; that is all we are saying right now.

You know how we love to tease you!

The patience and support of our faithful followers has not gone unnoticed. You are all incredible, beautiful human beings and we thank you for sticking with us. We have missed playing live, travelling around to different venues and cities and catching up with you all personally. Nevertheless, since last Hallowe’en and despite some of the challenges we faced we remain pretty proud that we still managed to:

There were a few things that we did not do – despite the rumours:

If you follow us on social media, you will probably be aware of the gossip surrounding our adventures but if not, let us just mention that we are very social and you can keep tabs on what we are doing via the usual platforms:

Speaking of rumours though, we are compared so often to Fleetwood Mac and we do not mind in the slightest, since we think they are amazing so here is a link to some appropriately optimistic vintage footage of them:

Happy Hallowe’en!

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