It has been over a year since Braver than Fiction played their last gig and although the band have not been completely idle during that time, their rumoured return to the live circuit is eagerly anticipated. The questions that are being asked include: “Has the line-up changed?” and “Will there be new songs?”

Here are the band’s answers (and then some):

We may have spent the last twelve months on hiatus from the live circuit but during that time we have been hard at work, honing our established set whilst also writing new material to augment it. We have enjoyed working on the new tunes and rehearsing them in our home town of Sheffield, over at Attic Studios – even until our aching, cramp-stricken fingers bled (or we ran out of cake and coffee – whichever came first).

Yes – CAKE!

However, we are also supremely eager to get back out on stage and as of now, we are delighted to announce our return to live shows. Official, concrete announcements will be forthcoming within the next few days but we can tell you that we currently have definite bookings confirmed that take us through to July 2016 so, you had better dust off those dancing shoes, bookmark our official website and prepare yourselves to find out what we have in store for you.

Following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook are both highly recommended, as we remain an extremely social bunch and we do like to chat with our followers online as well as at gigs.

If you are a promoter and/or represent a venue who would like to book us, please drop us an email and/or connect with us on social media.

The band’s full line-up remains the same but we may throw a couple of extra surprises in there (panda costumes have already been discussed):

  • Mel (vocals)
  • Adam (bass)
  • Jason (keyboards)
  • Paul (drums)
  • Martin (guitar)

We were gutted that we had to put our recording plans on hold but we expect to get into the studio in the near future and of course, all new recordings will be made available to you via our Bandcamp (as is all of our material). There will be a further announcement to let you know when you might expect to be able to buy a shiny, new CD and/or download the latest MP3 from us. Maybe there might even be some vinyl…maybe


If you are wondering, Mel is doing just fine, thank you and you can still donate to our #braverthancancer initiative via her official Just Giving donations page.

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