PLECTRUMAID #plectrumaid

[Screenshot] Braver than Fiction playlist on Spotify

Recently, one of our followers raised the battle cry: “Let’s get this shit trending. I’m all over it!” What, you may ask, caused this outburst? A realisation of just how many Spotify plays it takes your average, indie musician to earn enough to buy even the flimsiest of plastic plectrums, that is what!

You see, what actually happened was this: Martin, our glorious guitarist casually mentioned that every time one of our tunes is played on Spotify, we earn a miniscule speck of money. Not that he was (nor were we) complaining – it was merely a fact, stated.

This prompted questions from one particular follower about the actual amounts we were talking about and in response Martin posted a rather amazing infographic from David McCandless at Information is Beautiful. Here is the latest version (at the time of posting): How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online – 2015 Remix.

One thing led to another and the conversation turned to Vulfpeck, the band who uploaded a thirty minute collection of silent tracks to Spotify via their album Sleepify. The band then asked their supporters to play Sleepify overnight (on repeat) to clock up earnings on Spotify. Naturally, Spotify soon pulled the album but not before it had ‘earned’ Vulfpeck an estimated $20,000, according to this Wikipedia article.

Whilst we totally get Vulfpeck‘s motivation, we are not about to release a Snoring EP or anything like that (unless you really, really want us to but we would insist on including actual snoring, if that were the case). Nevertheless, it must be noted that if all of our followers did make a point of playing our tracks via Spotify, we might notice a few additional magic beans (always helpful).

To play these four tracks would take about twenty minutes and all things considered, Mel did muse that in that case, it might take about ten years to earn enough to buy Martin a new plectrum. The unflinching response from that superstar of a follower?

I think we should roll with this idea. Let’s get Martin Tune a new plectrum.

Hence, #plectrumaid became a thing, to which we absolutely gave our blessing and you can follow the nonsense on Twitter via @plectrumaid.

We love our followers. The majority are almost certainly completely demented but, in the sweetest possible way. Thank you all!


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