BRAVER THAN CANCER #braverthancancer

There are five of us in Braver than Fiction so statistically, it was inevitable that cancer was going to have some effect on at least one of us at some point.

1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime.
Cancer Research UK

Unfortunately for cancer, it made the huge mistake of picking on our vocalist Mel, which was a situation that really did not bode well for cancer (we could have told cancer that) and of course, in her usual fashion, Mel has spectacularly kicked the crap out of cancer with neither ceremony nor apology.

Mel was diagnosed in January 2015, as we reported in our earlier blog post but remarkably now has just one more session of chemotherapy to go before the short, nail-biting wait for a few more test results to see if the initial indications are absolutely correct and that the massive, scary-arse tumour that had attached itself to her wotsits has indeed been dispatched.

Cancer is the number one fear for the British public, feared ahead of debt, knife crime, Alzheimer’s disease and losing a job.
Cancer Research UK

Receiving the news that you or someone close to you has cancer can be devastating; you can feel helpless and isolated, with every emotion, from grief to fury, coursing through your body like relentless wildfires.


So then, it is comforting to know that there exists an incredible support network and you see it swing into action pretty fast! We know for sure that the staff at Sheffield’s Broad Lane Walk in Medical CentreNorthern General Hospital and Royal Hallamshire Hospital saved Mel’s life whilst the support she received from Macmillan Cancer Support definitely saved her peace of mind and continues to do so (not to mention ours!)

It was already our intention to begin supporting a charity this year and before we were thrown into turmoil by Mel’s diagnosis we had not made a decision on which one. Obviously, that decision has been made for us now and from here on in we will be fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Once Mel gets the ‘thumbs up’ (which we are certain she will) we intend to get back into the studio to finish our current recording project and when she is strong enough, we will gently begin the process of getting ready to gig again; to be honest, we cannot wait – it has been way too long!

Cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the last 40 years.
Cancer Research UK

Mel is determined to be a survivor! We will have more news on this over the coming weeks, with various activities planned over the coming months but for now, you just need to remember to watch out for the unique hashtag we have claimed for our initiative: #braverthancancer.

There is also an official Just Giving donations page – just in case anyone is feeling particularly philanthropic. Go on – dig deep into that doughnut fund and say thank you to Macmillan Cancer Support!



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