Blurred lights

As you may know, Mel recently took a bit of a tumble that put her out of action for a spell and unfortunately it is now apparent that this was due to more than a bout of her usual lovable, clumsiness.

Mel is being treated for cancer. She is receiving the most excellent and dignified attention we could hope to imagine and we all extend our particular gratitude to the professionals who administer the medical and associated care services for Sheffield’s Broad Lane Walk in Medical Centre, Northern General Hospital and Royal Hallamshire Hospital who are indisputably responsible for her prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Having already completed the first stages of her chemotherapy, Mel is currently resting under the vigilant supervision of close family and friends. She is feeling extremely positive but respectfully asks for a smidgen of privacy and consideration at this time. Although she is extremely exhausted and “a bit winky-wonky” (her words), Mel is a fighter and she has accepted the challenge that she has been assigned.

Know that. Believe that. We do.

Therefore we are postponing our live shows indefinitely, in order to grant Mel time to recover and to support her return to the stage, which is what she absolutely intends. Meanwhile, once her treatment becomes established, Mel is similarly resolved to get back into the studio to re-engage with our latest recording project.

Yeah. Like we really thought we were going to get a break – right?

If you want to know more of the specifics, the type of cancer Mel has is ‘Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL)’ and you can read all about it here.

Information is power.




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