[Photograph] Rock Fans via Wikipedia

It has been an interesting, exhausting, thrilling and sometimes scary fourteen months since we first took to the stage as Braver than Fiction. There have been the inevitable line up changes, the occasional accident, a few near-disasters but a lot of fun. We have made some amazing friends on this journey and had to honour of sharing various stages (of many shapes and sizes) with an equally eclectic variety of outstanding acts.

You may be aware that we curate a list on SoundCloud of all the artists we have played alongside (who use SoundCloud); it is our way of giving them a nod and, to be honest, we have been particularly fortunate to have played with some cracking bands overall so we genuinely do listen to the playlist ourselves.

We have enjoyed every moment and…

Oh alright, we have not enjoyed every moment; frankly sometimes it has been a complete nightmare and we do not even mean the one time when we were just playing to the bar staff and soundman – that was actually alright compared to some of the horror stories we could tell you! Nevertheless, we are undaunted and we are looking forward to many more great adventures to come at the local live music venues in our home town as well as those those farther afield.

That is why we have given this week’s blog over to those amazing bands we have encountered and let them take a virtual bow via the ‘Musicians in Cahoots’ playlist and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed playing with all the artists on it!


The artists on this playlist are also on our Twitter list of the same name, ‘Musicians in Cahoots’ and, to the bands reading this who have just played to the bar staff and soundman: just hang in there folks!


  • Everyone on the ‘Musicians in Cahoots’ Twitter list:
    One Man Revival, Santiago Kings, Andrew Skelton, The City Phasers, Naked Potato, NISHE, Jake Sharpe, Sophie Mapplebeck, The Stoops, Play Record Erase, Under a Banner, The Broken Broadcast, The Butterfly Wheels, The Urban Voodoo Machine, Habberdash, 10 Flaws Down, Cut Ribbons, The Wedding Present, Cold Lazarus, Firegarden, Bi:Lingual, The Revered, Nathan Flutebox Lee, The Tapestry, Model Aeroplanes, Secret Romance, The Cradles, The Melting Snow Quartet, Tiny Phillips, Thieves by the Code, Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Invasion of the Deadbeats, Desert Motel Club, Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, Ben Lydyat.

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